A Life Less Bullshit – EFF YEAH 2012

I think there are two reading sources I really go to on the web. Don’t get me wrong, I can spend hours and hours on the internet reading random blogs but best sites have to be jezebel and A Life Less Bullshit.

The reason I mention Jezebel actually has no real meaning to this blog except that to me, writing articles for that website is the epitome of my dream job and I just really wanted to share with you that tidbit.

A Life Less Bullshit on the other hand is written by a girl who really gives females a right to be empowered without that frilly feminist weird stuff. She is funny and motivation even for males. Her recent blog post has a more sentimental tone though as she discusses what it takes to set goals. She has noticed, and I agree, that a lot of people set goals with other people in mind. Instead of simply thinking about what goals they would really like to achieve, they muddle up their resolutions by putting down the goals they think they should have.

I am probably the first one to step forward and admit that I do just that. Society wants me to complete goals x, y, and z so I’ll use my time and energy to do those things.

A Life Less Bullshit shakes you out of that habit and puts you into the mindset of doing stuff for you and by doing that, becoming more productive and happy.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to bullshit you here by just raving about this blog. It’s hard not to be preachy about it though since I do really love the writings on that website.

Anyway, her mini eBook talks about different ways to goal set and to rethink and offers a few exercises and I wish to participate in them.

EFF YEAH 2012 is a way to look at the things I have accomplished this past year and not just dwelling on the things I need to accomplish. This is why blogs, journals, and agendas come in handy. Also, Facebook timeline. When did that even go into effect? I was one of the few who welcomed it in, I should mention.

So, here it goes.

January 2012 was basically exactly where I am now. I was in winter break preparing for the new semester to start and was pretty excited about taking french for the first time. I ended up almost failing french but at the same time, I also ended up learning I had a passion for theology and started to look more seriously into pursuing more classes in that department. I had learned a lot from attempting to join Pershing Rifles D8 and while I didn’t make it, I was at the top of my class in military bearing at this time and had great friends such as Hoblin and Jackie.

February I finally start exploring New York City. I organized visiting Chinatown with Justin, Patrick, Claire, Jackie, Hoblin, and myself. This is the first time I really get to know Justin and after exploring the clogged streets of C-Town, he took us to visit New York University and see his dorms. This is also when I am first starting to have a crush on The William. I remember because I had dressed up for Valentine’s Day and ended up seeing him that day and was pleased at myself for my wardrobe choice… you know how girls are. I was also accepted into applying for the German Proficiency Badge. In order to try for the GPB, Cadre and Senior Cadets had to believe you were capable of achieving the standards.

March is mostly just focusing on school and challenging myself academically. I am also taking a Computer Science course which is hard but this is the first time I make really good friends outside of ROTC and we eat Mexican Food together while we study and work on coding. The William and I officially start dating.

April I am seeing the end of the semester and I end up completing the GPB ruck course at gold standard. Everyone on the GPB team had faith in me but not many of my fellow cadets due to my body structure. I proved them wrong! I also am one of two people who completes the sprint standard on the first try. I go skydiving for the first time on a random spur of the moment idea with essentially complete strangers! I love it!

May comes. This is a crazy month as a lot of drama is occurring within my friend’s group but near the end of may, the drama also comes to a close. It seems that we all have reached a neutral gray area and tensions aren’t as high. Closer feels good and I am back in Arizona and my GPA still is high enough for me to keep my ROTC scholarship and to get interest free loans.

June I see The William and Baik commission as well as a few other I really respect and like. The Army is lucky to have them. I stay around a bit longer so I can go to Pier 40 and see my friend Preza. He volunteers at a kayaking center on the pier that has free kayaking during the summer in order to promote water sports on the Hudson. Hoblin, his friend Jake, and I have a blast. I also get to visit The William in Georgia.

July I am in London for the first bit and am all packed up to go on a six-week study abroad to learn French! London is amazing and I fit in fairly well with the mostly all girls group I’m with (there was one guy). I get to take my photo at Platform 9 and 3/4 before we fly to Cannes. France is amazing and I see places like Paris, St Honorat, and Provence. This includes a cooking class, snorkeling, and excursion to Montmartre to see where Amelie was filmed.

August I am still studying abroad and get to see Italy as well. More specifically – Cinque Terre! It is gorgeous and filled with amazing hiking paths. I head back to Arizona briefly and I have just enough time to pack for school before I am off with the parents to see Niagara Falls and Montreal. Wow!

September I start school again but not before ROTC freshman orientation where I am a Platoon Sargeant for the first time. I end up getting an E for excellent (you can only get an Not satisfactory, Satisfactory, and Excellent). This surprises me and others and I am now confident in my abilities and thankful for the experience. I know my weak spots now. I resolve not to be pushed around in general and take appropriate steps to solve my pushover problem and end up pretty happen.

October is Jackie’s birthday and we are closer than ever. I am off to a rocky start with the other room-mate who is new to us this semester because I had resolved to get better grades and would come into the room without talking, I would get down to business! This room-mate, Maria, and I finally get to know each other though and get used to each person’s quirks. I declare a major in Theology.

November marks the end of Hurricane Sandy I believe as that hit during October. We get days off from school because of the transportation issues and I get to know my friend Collins a little bit better as he is hanging out around Fordham instead of NYU because we have water and power and a lot of NYU dorms do not. He is fine and is partying it up!

December is my birthday month and finals! I am feeling awesome and while my grades aren’t looking amazing, they are the best I have had so far at Fordham so I am decently pleased. I get to go home to Arizona pretty early compared to other kids. The William visited me (he left just a few days ago) and we had a great time together! He said it was one of the best times he has had with me and I couldn’t agree more.

And here I am now!

This year was marked by a lot of travel and a lot of good times! I am thankful for this year and I believe it is a good year to start building off of. My grades are very important to me and I finally feel like I’m starting to get into the groove of how Fordham University works and how to study for it. I really like my friends and I am getting more and more everyday in the Theology department because a lot of the classes I take for my concentration in Theology (faith and culture) only have about 8 kids so we really get to know each other.

Study abroad was obviously a once in a lifetime experience that I’ll never forget.

Basically, I kicked 2012 is the butt.

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